A primary movement that develops with a moving meditation to obtain a high vital energy to unleash its creative life force.
What is Yoga Sahaja Dance? Yoga and dancing are two great rivers that bring us back to our bodies and rejuvenate us with life force. Prepare yourselves! Juan Gabriel is ready to  awake the vital energy of life. Yoga awakens breathing, fluidity of the spine and inner power. Yoga Sahaja Dance cultivates natural movement, intuition and creativity. With Yoga Sahaja Dance, you can experience the benefits of these two traditions in an intimate in-house training with different creative movements, giving you the tools of rhythm, pulse and energising movements to find happiness and passion for the art of breathe.

juan gabriel yoga

Kick off your socks – move to the beats and let your body go! Created by Shiva Rea, taught by Juan Gabriel. Beginning with sahaja free vinyasa or the experience of prana initiating yogasanas in a spontaneous, natural flow, yoga Sahaja dance unfolds into an exploration of the power of rhythmic, free-form, breath- driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom… We are all born dancers!

juan gabriel dance