Hands-on assists can be an incredibly potent tool for helping yoga students find better alignment, relaxation, stability, and extension. Learn through this five points I created from my years of teaching and assisting my teacher and global community.

The Art and Skill of Hands-on assist

I designed this 3 hours workshop specifically to empower yoga teachers to build their confidence and learn in a fun, supportive environment. This workshops is divided in groups of asanas: Standing Asanas, arm balances, backbends, forward bends, hip openers, twisting and inversions.
I based the workshop on the 5 key principles I use with my own students in class and when assisting the global community.
1. Breathe
2. Ground
3. Intention: Love + Confidence
4. Focus
5. Purpose
Feeling confident when assisting students makes all the difference for you and them.
What you will learn:
  • How to become grounded in your own body to support another
  • Skills to give effective hands-on yoga assists
  • Functional anatomy and how it relates to the poses
  • How to observe physical/energetic qualities of yoga poses
  • Create an enhanced experience for students receiving assists
Who this workshop program is for:
  • Students looking to deepen their own yoga practice
  • Current teachers looking to add assisting into classes
  • Aspiring teachers
  • Anyone interested in the possibility of assisting at the studio
45 euros
Date and place:
Next date and place will be announce soon – To book this workshop at your studio, get in touch with me!


This workshop is inspired by teachings from passed experiences and serving the global collective community – OM