As a former mentor,  growing as a yoga teacher and building a healthy business has been a challenging, yet rewarding journey.
There are questions that can’t be covered in the context of a yoga teacher training, but that will come up once you start teaching. If you are looking for answers to those questions and desire personal support, then I’d like to invite you to my one-on-one mentorship program created for all paths, teachers of all methods and practitioners.
108 Mentorship Program
So you finished your first 200 hours yoga teacher training. Now what? You feel the gap between knowing how to teach yoga and actually teaching/sharing yoga. How do you take the knowledge gained about the deep world of yoga and apply it to the even deeper world of teaching?
Ask for help.
The 108 Mentorship Program is a 3 waves call, 1h48min intensive created to close the gap between teacher training and actually teaching. By taking this program, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively guide students and “hold space” for others. l am including assignments created to connect you to your authentic teaching voice, a review of the art of sequencing, deeper knowledge of safe hands on adjustments, and a demystification of the business of yoga.
The 108 session is one part soul seeds discovery, one part goal-exploration and one part commitment to your future. You’ll begin with a series of self-inquiry prompts via the pre-session questionnaire to give me a glimpse into the obstacles that are standing between you and your goals as well as what you are passionate about right now.
Your consultation will be focused and decisive.  You’ll fly away with a series of action tools to move you forward in whatever you are wanting to achieve whether it be starting or growing your tribe on- and offline, your newsletter, sequencing, the art of adjustment and much more.
How we work together
I can work with you locally, or virtually. The first step will be to fill out an application form (request here). I will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application and we will work from there to create a mentoring program that will support you in meeting your goals.
During our time together I want you to get comfortable, and see it as your safe, creative and evolutionary time and space for growth.
Investment & Commitment
  • 108 euros for the program online call (3 wave’s call)
  • 108 euros private one-one per session in person (3 waves)
We’ll begin with a no cost consultation chat— 20 minutes, via phone or Skype. (That is – if you want one! Some people dive right in.) Just you and me, and a cuppa or a smoothie if you like.
From there, it’s time to get onto the 108 program. You’ll receive an exploratory questionnaire to clarify your goals for our work together, along with our coaching sessions, session notes and action plans to keep your momentum alive, with email support between sessions.
Request | your application form here and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours.
If you are a yoga teacher or teacher trainee who wants to harness the support of a coach and mentor in the progressions to start and leverage your yoga teaching and business, including all the things you need to know related to your website, social media, your lovely clients, networking, curriculum design and class planning (plus a whole heap more amazing details you probably don’t even know you need), this is what I can offer – Juan Gabriel