Sacred Malas del Corazón



Malas del Corazón was born at Yoga & Trekking retreat in Himalayas. Juan Gabriel met Shyam (Mala master), he spent his free time learning how to make the malas, after many hours of learning, he took the first malas with Rudraksha seeds, silver and semi precious stones and he took them with him for a spiritual bath at sacred  Ganga river.
Then he blessed them at a pooja on his name for auspiciousness and great abundance. Together they create sacred malas; all of them with the same intention and love.
108 OM namah Shivaya,  that he shares with his teachers and students. After a first generation and an amazing feedback, he decided to create more…
Each Mala’s price is 56 euros, devotional price for all stones.


They all are unique but from the same root; you can find different colours and semi precious stones, from Onyx, Jade, Quartz, Crystals to tourmaline, lapis lazuli and many more.





All stones have different meanings, and many descriptions online, if you are interested in a specific stone, please email me:
You can find the malas everywhere in my retreats and teacher trainings, in Leuven – Belgium or I can send them to you anywhere in the world.
All for you.