Public, Private & Corporate

For public classes:

You can find me at YYOGA and AntwerpYoga

 Private & Corporate Classes

Please connect with me to fix further collaborations.

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Private group sessions and on-site corporate programs are available.  

A lot of people ask me: what kind of Yoga do you do? – I mostly answer this : ”You cannot do yoga. Yoga is our natural state. What we can do are yoga exercises (asanas), which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.” or sometimes I reply “I do my kind of yoga,”
My practice is pure (Puro) improvisation, so there won’t be a class similar to another, I don’t prepare my classes hours beforehand, sometimes I focus the practice on back-bends, shoulders, hips, heart opening exercises etc, or somedays I just get inspired by the group in front of me, it’s a natural flow, with an energetic twist, a personal touch, some Latino flavor and great music, difficult to explain, you should just try it !
Be regular in your practice. Have patience. Do not expect overnight results. Results will come in a surprisingly short time of their own accord with consistent effort. Building a solid foundation is the most important part of your yoga practice.
Give it a try!