Thank you for reaching out. As we adapt to our present time; I would like to offer you twice per week a live-streaming online yoga classes, from my living to your heart space.

These gatherings will be through the platform ZOOM and each class will be an all-levels vinyasa class with pranayama and meditation.

Yoga – Healing arts

Live streaming 90 minutes Vinyasa full spectrum class Tuesdays at 19:00 (UCT +2)


Chakra Fusion workshop

Based in a full spectrum Vinyasa practice; dedicated to the understanding of the chakra's system and how to apply these to our sadhana practice and life evolution. * * Muladhara CHAKRA First class for all Live transmission Teacher training wisdom and knowledge Saturday, April 2nd at 17:00 - 19:00 *Belgium time (UCT+2)


Long Yin Flow Yoga & Self massage tools

A very requested workshop: * * * * * * The title says it all but expect to be surprise with the content. Based in years of self love and body awareness. Allow yourself to receive purely for the art of receiving. * * * * * * A full spectrum Yin Practice will allow the body intelligence to access the intimacy of touch, massages tools and techniques from both western and ancient knowledge as the physical temple, energetic touch from reiki, emotional release and blockage from the mind-feel. * * * * * * This workshop is for this time of adapting and changes * * * * * * You will need your mat, beach towel, essential oil, essential nature incense or fragrance, journal, bikini or short, comfortable home place and your willingness to heal through touch and simple relaxation. * * * * * * Meeting through Zoom Max 8 people * * * * * * Any questions? * * * * * * Live transmission Teacher training wisdom and knowledge Sunday, April 3rd at 16:30 - 18:30 *Belgium time (UCT+2)