STAND UP PADDLE-BOARD with Yoga practice at the lake

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-According to weather conditions – no dates fixed, spontaneous gathering-


From late April to late September at ROTSELAAR lake, Belgium – we flow and float

For many years now, in collaboration with Windsurfing the Winge (Vakenstraat 70, 3110 Rotselaar), SUPYOGA Paddle Board Yoga is the art performing of yoga while stand up paddle surfing (SUP) usually while the board is in calm water, such as a lake. The sport combines hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga asanas, or poses, with surfing the breath.

SUP yoga unites the sport of stand-up paddleboarding, which originated in Hawaii in the 1940s, with the ancient practice of yoga, which has its roots in India. In the short time SUP yoga has existed, it has grown to include devotees worldwide.

Practicing yoga on a surface that is moving – like the paddleboard – engages the core muscles and strengthens other muscles which wouldn’t otherwise be used in earth-bound practice. SUP yoga also requires intense focus because transitioning between poses requires concentration to keep the board steady.

Common asanas included in SUP yoga practice are downward-facing dog, the cat-cow combination, child’s pose and corpse pose. Skilled yogis may attempt challenging standing asanas such as tree pose and warrior one.

A unique benefit of this style of yoga, as compared with traditional types of yoga, is refinement of one’s technique because slight misalignments result in a dip in the water.

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