My story

My name is Juan Gabriel Munoz Villalon, I was born in Antofagasta, Chile on November 4 of 1985, and ever since I can remember, my life has been a joy. img_7384

I have two wonderful supporting and loving parents and two beautiful sisters, they are the four corners of my life.
From a young age I was part of a swimming club that helped me to understand this body and to control my breath, I spent my high school in a Scottish school in Chile.I travelled a lot with my family and always had an urge to know more about everything, so as soon as I finished my last year at school, my parents gave me a ticket to Europe, It was the first time travelling all by myself and that far from home, I arrived at my mom’s sister in Brussels.

I remember that, even before landing, when the pilot said “we’ll be landing soon”, in three different languages, I felt in love, and within 2 weeks after my arrival I met my two best friends, they showed me around and helped me a lot in this adventure.

I travelled by myself through Europe always coming back to Brussels.


My ticket was only valid for 3 months, I managed to change it and I stayed for 6 months. Meanwhile I wanted to learn French and then I stayed for one year, by that time my life was in Belgium and I was the happiest person on the planet.

My mom flew over to take me home, I didn’t want to go back, so she dragged me along and put me on the plane. I realised my dad, sisters and friends were waiting for me, I stayed in Chile for 3 months, but something was missing; my family and friends saw that, and I had the chance to come back to Belgium. I studied Public Relations and lived by myself, the rest is history. I still to go back to Chile to see my family and friends.

First Yoga Contact:

I cannot really remember the first time I heard the name YOGA, but it definitely was a long time ago. The first time I unrolled a yoga mat and I stepped on it, was an early morning of a Saturday in November, in Chile. One of my best friends invited me to attend an Ashtanga class, at that time I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life and that class touched something inside of me, I didn’t really know what, but I felt happy for the rest of the day.

As soon as I came back from my trip to Chile I looked on internet for some Yoga classes, and that same afternoon while I was at my local fitness. The next morning I entered the room, and a lovely English lady said “welcome”. During the practice I started feeling the same sensation so I knew this was making me happy. By the end of the class, the English lady came up to me to tell me, ”great practice…you were shining”! She advised me to go to Antwerpyoga, to meet Elsie, who was planning on going to an yoga retreat to India soon.


As soon as I heard India being mentioned, my eyes started sparkling and on my way home I knew that I wanted to go on this Yoga Retreat, so I called, reserved and went. I remember my excited voice on the phone and my body was shaking when I heard  Elsie said “yes, you are welcome to join us, we have the last spot”. I bought my ticket that same afternoon, and I called my family to tell them that I was going to India in 3 weeks, to practice Yoga with 25 people.

That very first direct contact with the source, Sacred India and the yoga retreat simply changed my life, the people I met and the inspirational nature transformed me forever. 
After India, I went to Thailand, where I took several classes/trainings in different schools, finding more inspiration.  I started my 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Gösta and Patrick from Svaha Yoga, Amsterdam, the training took place in Antwerpyoga and the host was Elsie.

My next big trip was to Bali, where I met Made in Ubud, she had a small yoga school, and I spend most of my 4 weeks there on the mat. I also went to Yoga Barn in Ubud, and other schools in Bali. I continue to travel to California, Miami, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and all around Europe, in search of light.As soon as I  graduated. I started Puro Yoga Practice on September 4th 2011.


Through 2011 I’ve found my teacher Shiva Rea. We met in Montpellier, and a new Teacher Training path started, I had an incredible feeling of family/friend/teacher when I met Shiva, and so after France I went back to U.S and I continue at Exhale in Venice beach California with Shiva and her unique path Prana Vinyasa, during this year I continued with her as great creative mentor, soon after completing my first 200h of Prana Vinyasa Flow, I started holding the space for Shiva and the Global tribe, I joined Shiva in Utrecht, Greece, London and Venice beach California – assisting her and the global community diving into the flow and adding more hours, knowledge, passion, inspiration and love to my path.

Always in search of new knowledge… Forever a Student.

Then a new adventure was born, a pilgrim/retreat in cooperation with Chhape from Open Lotus India, we are heading to Himalayas, to practice Yoga, to trek and breath pure air, to get in touch with ourselves and our essences and to simple be happy.

I am currently living part of my time in Belgium and rest of the world, I’ve lost the count on how many hours or trainings we spent together, after a while they are just numbers, I do remember all our adventures together. The new krama arrived, and this year I started leading my first Teacher training of Prana Vinyasa I am representing my teacher and Prana Vinyasa around the world, allowing myself to be in several places during the year, you can find me in Europe, America and sometime near the moon 😉  Always living in happiness.


It came on a summer night, I often have dreams, sometimes in english/french/spanish, and often someone/something is talking to me while I’m dreaming. This adventure and idea came up like this, also I saw the logo and colors.

In the middle of the night I woke up and I drew this squetch, the next day when I saw it, I felt a warm sensation in my stomach, and I smiled…

I understood the meaning of the drawing:

Puro = Pure, means to me purification, healthy, simple, complete…

Every time I’m practicing yoga, I sweat a lot, so water is an element truely part of my daily life. Not to mention that I used to be part of a swimming team in high school and that I love the ocean.

As long as I can remember spirals have been part of my life, you see.. whenever I have difficult times, I picture them like a spiral …in this case, it’s the opposite, starting from  ॐ.

And purple/violet simple because it is my favourite color.

 A lot of people ask me: what kind of Yoga do you do? – I mostly answer this : “You cannot do yoga. Yoga is our natural state. What we can do are yoga exercises (asanas), which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state”. or sometimes I reply “I do my kind of yoga”.

My practice is pure (Puro) improvisation, so there won’t be a class similar to another, I don’t prepare my classes hours beforehand, sometimes I focus the practice on back-bends, shoulders, hips, heart opening exercises etc, or somedays I just get inspired by the group in front of me, it’s a natural flow, with an energetic twist, a personal touch, some Latino flavour and great music, difficult to explain, you should just try it !

 I am leading an all levels Prana Vinyasa practice every week, at one Studio Zenit in Leuven -Kessel-lo and in different urban centers. At Zenit the classes are my practice, everyone is welcome to join, no registration needed, drop in classes are possible all year long.and at the gym, the classes are only for the people who are subscribed in that specific Urban Centers:  YYoga and Life Style Leuven.

Be regular in your practice. Have patience. Do not expect overnight results. Results will come in a surprisingly short time of their own accord with consistent effort. Building a solid foundation is the most important part of your yoga practice.