Facilitator – Friend, brother, lover and servant of flow

juan gabriel sama

Juan Gabriel 

                                                                           “It is my intention to awaken within each of us, our ability to act as positive instruments in this world for change. This is powered by love, joy and laughter!” – Juan Gabriel                                     

Originally from Chile, left when he finished high school to live and expand in all areas. He grew up travelling the world and he is based in Belgium, where he lives with his beloved french bulldog Sama (Samadhi). He builded up a strong Yoga community in Belgium and teaches at his practice PuroYoga World.
He offers Teacher trainings based in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and Retreats around the world.
Juan Gabriel shares Yoga and Yoga Sahaja dance as practices available for every body, age, and ability. He aims to support all beings through movement, connection, and play.
He has been sharing Yoga, SupYoga, Dance and Meditation in form of retreat, workshop, class and pilgrims in festivals and conventions in Italy, Costa Rica, Dubai, London, Chile, Spain, Israel, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, India, U.S, Indonesia, and many other wonderful places.
 With a background in communications studies, he sees Yoga as a powerful tool for internal communication to express our uniqueness and spark, he brings in a unique softness in his practice with fine balance between effortless movement and fierce body control – release.
Juan Gabriel takes you to trek in Himalayas, to paddle board in Ibiza, to surf in Costa Rica and so on, but mostly important to get in touch with yourself through the breath, to stay focus in your spark and to evoke greatness to your path and evolution.
“Juan Gabriel is a new age healer with a big heart, delicate soul and inspirational mind. A very humble, yet successful and loved by his students and peers yoga teacher. One of Shiva Rea’s assistants and closest friends. He is also one of the most delicate and graceful Prana Vinyasa Flow teachers worldwide.”
Yoga. Dance. Surf. Prana. Flow. Breath. Love.
Those may be just words for us, but for Juan Gabriel they are symbols of his whole world. And what a fascinating world this is! A world in which people are wild and free, full of self-love and love for the others; a world where breath is the master and yoga is a goddess. – by 2heathapp
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My parents wanted me to have an easy life, but the thing is, in reality parents can’t give their children a good life – they can only give them a good START in life. When children become adults, only they can create a good life for themselves. They help me to believe in myself and they gave me the right mindset and skill-sets for me create my own fulfilment. I am free – JG
I am incredible grateful for my beautiful family who allows me to express myself fully, you are my main teachers, always believing in my greatest and highest potential. I am always caring you mom, dad, sisters and Sama in my heart, teachings in this path of love – without you; this won’t make any sense. Thank you for being the light and shadow in my life.   
– Juan Gabriel

PuroYoga World

puro yoga world
It came on a summer night, I often have dreams, sometimes in English/ French/ Spanish, and often someone/something is talking to me while I’m dreaming. This adventure and idea came up like this, also I saw the logo and colours.In the middle of the night I woke up and I drew this squetch, the next day when I saw it, I felt a warm sensation in my stomach, and I smiled…
I understood the meaning of the drawing:
Puro = Pure, means to me purification, healthy, simple, complete…
Every time I’m practicing yoga, I sweat a lot, so water is an element truly part of my daily life. Not to mention that I used to be part of a swimming team in high school and that I love the ocean.As long as I can remember spirals have been part of my life, you see.. whenever I have difficult times, I picture them like a spiral
 …in this case, it’s the opposite, starting from  ॐ
and purple/violet simple because it is my favourite colour. 
A lot of people ask me: what kind of Yoga do you do? – I mostly answer this : “You cannot do yoga. Yoga is our natural state. What we can do is practice yoga exercises (asanas), which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state”. or sometimes I reply “I do my kind of yoga”.
My practice is pure (Puro) improvisation, so there won’t be a class similar to another, I don’t prepare my classes hours beforehand, sometimes I focus the practice on back-bends, shoulders, hips, heart openings, seasons of the year, planets, etc.  Somedays I just get inspired by the group in front of me, it’s a natural flow, with an energetic twist, a personal touch, some Latino flavour and great music, difficult to explain, you should just try it !
I held and taught for over 8 years an all levels Prana Vinyasa practice every week at one Studio ‘Zenit’ in Leuven -Kessel-lo; where he started his career and helped many friends to find their voice. Now because of travelling and schedule reasons, I decided to let the practice flow and grow internationally – As we move towards a more global practice, serving many countries and tribes around the Earth. Many thanks to everyone who ever came to PuroYoga at Zenit and special THANKS to Jennifer Regidor.
See you in the flow