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ॐ Juan Gabriel is an inspiring teacher who puts a lot of energy and love into his classes and creates a wonderful atmosphere in which to practice yoga. – Chris Trengove
ॐ Juan Gabriel is synoniem for caring, sharing, kindness, joy, respect, engagement and creativity. With all my love. – Marleen 
“Be a Happy Mountain!’
That the main sentence I remember of my first class with Juan approximately one year ago (after a long search for the type of yoga class that fit me). We were expected to do the Mountain posture (Tadasana) after a flow of other Hatha yoga movements and I remember being so serious about it.
There I was, standing in this posture and thinking about all the stuff I did wrong, about my lack of balance and endurance, but then suddenly Juan said “Smile, don’t forget to smile” and “Be a happy mountain”. This brought everything back into perspective…I laughed and carried on, being a happy mountain who realised that yoga is here to enjoy and not another thing you have to be the best in.
This small anecdote to explain how Juan keeps his classes in a totally relaxed and totally non-competitive atmosphere, how he makes his yogi’s smile and how he keeps the spirits high.
His occasional workshops really add value to your yoga life and I just love the way he incorporates the moon and the sun into his classes by having Yin Yoga on the night of a blue moon or a yoga class outside in the sun.
I wish I could go more often to his classes.
ॐ His teaching just does something to you, something quite unexplainable, so why don’t you just come and see for yourself? – Julie Rufaro 
ॐ Juan Gabriel’s practices are wonderful. He guides you through the postures, with a lot of attention to all of his students and with various options for different levels. He teaches you to listen to your body, to connect you with your body, to reach your limits without forcing, and all this with his eternal smile and marvelous energy! Besides the explanation of the postures, you will receive more background about the postures, the breathing and the way of living. If you enter the room, all stressed and depressed, I am sure you will leave the practice with a renovated energy to face all your challenges in live. Give it a try, Puro Yoga, is just what you need, to keep your inner peace during the week. One hour fully dedicated to yourself. Juan Gabriel brought a special tool into my life for which I am still thankful to him. Since I moved, I keep on missing his practices here. The best compliment I got about him, came from another teacher: ‘What a perfect posture you have, you must have had a great teacher.’ I proudly responded: ‘Yes, I’ve got the best!’ Go and grow, Juan Gabriel! – Katrien 
ॐ What I like most about Juan Gabriel’s practices:
-his individual attention -his passion and the way he transfers this passion to each of his students -his knowledge (he talks a lot during the session, some people might not like this, but I do) -the insight he gives you on how to use some of the elements in your daily life (e.g. when you have so many things on your mind, take a moment to just sit and focus on your breathing).
He brings some “mindfulness” into his sessions. –  Liesbeth Vander Els
ॐ Juan Gabriel is an amazingly good teacher. I have enjoyed his teachings in connection with Shiva Rea’s teachers trainings – and Juan was a fantastic teacher. He made the theory and practice much more clear to me. Very easy to understand in his guidance and teachings. He is such a lovable person with a good sense of humour. I can only recommend Juan – and I look so much forward to joining his teachings sometime soon again. – Tine Køppen 
ॐ You learn something from every teacher. But Juan Gabriel was the first teacher who taught me about love, passion, determination, humility and devotion. Cause a lot of teachers can teach you asanas, but it takes a really special person to teach you yoga.
ॐ I will be forever grateful for his guidance, wisdom and sense of humor!
If you get the chance to practice with him, please don’t miss it! I can only hope that more and more people get to know him.
Thank you for everything. Waheee! – Laurent Ropain 
ॐ Juan Gabriel is an amazing & very inspiring teacher with a deep knowledge of yogic practice. Highly recommend it! – René Louis Delrieux
ॐ I love each and every lesson of Juan Gabriel his energy and enthusiasm are very warming. Lots of gratitude for teachers like this. – Wendy Montellano


Art by Harold Pereira for AntwerpYoga 10years celebration ~ Festival 2017